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The PIR Universal is a fl ush mounted
movement detector, made to switch light
in closets, stairways, toilets, garages, etc.

It is made for all loads up to 2A.

The PIR remains active 3 min after the last movement in the room.

Technical Data

Protection: IP20
Voltage: 230V 50Hz
Load: 25-1000w
Horizzontal Detection Angle:120
Vertical Detection Angle: 25
Dection range: 8 metres
Mounting Height: 10- 1.4 metres
Ambient Temperature: -5-45C
Standards :EN60 669-2-1/EN 60 669-1

Product Selection

Wafer PIR Wall Mounted 500 watt white - LSE.4112


PIR Detector 2300w with Timer white - LSE.4114



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