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Pathlight semi circle

The Altima Path Light shown here lighting the access roads and paths to a group of buildings in west London uses a very efficient 3 watt LED light source. It is die cast in aluminium and is suitable for exterior use.


Altima Offer New Bridgelux Decor LED Light Sources

The Bridgelux Decor Series delivers outstanding light quality with very high quality colour rendering across the spectrum form deep red to ultra violet, enabling lighting designers to truly render a full palette of colors over a wide range of light levels to create stunning and sophisticated lighting effects for retail, hospitality, museums and architectural lighting applications.

Altima LED Cabinet Lighting

We have new ranges of cabinet lighting available which can be recessed into the carcass or shelf in kitchen units or bookshelves, They are very compact and therefore can fit flush into the material depth available and the cabling is very fine so it can easily be accommodated invisibly to connect the power source.

Altima Dimmable LED Driver

Our new dimmer/driver unit is for use with our LED products along with our Wafer Switch system to give full control over light output with soft starting from any of the Wafer push button switches and can be installed anywhere including the bathroom because it uses safe ultra low voltage switch control technology.

New Products

Product image.

Adjustable LED Bedhead fitting

A 6 watt LED provides a soft edged warm white light beam for use as a bedhead light or to accent displays. It can be dimmed when used with our Wafer system switches and controllers.
Product image.

Mitred corner for LV Track

This corner joins the track structurally and electrically and is especially useful when making hanging grid structures. It is available for the square or oval track sections in the full range of finishes.
Product image.

Ellipso 6 and 12

The Ellipso trimless recessed LED fitting is available with 460 or 900 lumen output taking 6.5 or 13 Watts. It can be installed in walls to throw an angled light beam up or down across ceilings or floors or if installed in the ceiling it works as a wallwasher or discrete but powerful picture light. The LED tube is removable so that components are replaceable without damage to the mounting surface.
Project image.

LED COST SAVINGS with Altima Track Spots / Downlights

Six 50w 12 v Tungsten Halogen fittings produce about 5000 lumens.They consume 300w per hour therefore 3.0Kw per 10 hour day.This is 1095KwH per annum costing �153 at 14p per unit.

Five 12w Altima Optika LED Track Spot fittings produce 5000 lumens.They consume 60w per hour therefore 0.6KwH per 10 hour day.This is 219KwH per annum costing �31 at 14 p per unit.

The saving for this example is therefore �122 per annum for power.

If the life of the TH lamps is 3000 hours they need to be changed after ten months (3650 hours/annum).If the life of the LED emitters is 50,000 hours they need to be changed every 13 years and are by then likely to be replaced by new designs.

The cost of relamping the set of TH fittings might typically be �100 therefore �120 per annum.
This is a notional cost for changing a set of lamps in one location e.g. a track system.
To change the lamps in individully located downlights is more costly, typically �50 each, therefore �300 for six or �360 per annum.

For power and maintenance the TOTAL SAVING is �231 to �491 per annum depending on the type of installation.

The ten year cost of the TH system is from �2310 to �4910 and for the LED �1220.

If you have any questions or would like further information please contct us at

NB. The electricity price was last updated 19th February 2013 and is taken from the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform. It includes VAT.
Project image.

Altima work with clients to produce special solutions for particular lighting requirements.

At WorkClub, a media creative agency, we worked with architect John Nordon of IDE-Architects to design and produce a suspended system which combined cable distribution and lighting. The trunking system was suspended above the open work area and carried all power and comms cables. Light fittings could be positioned at any point in the top of the section giving a general uplight over the whole area with tracks and spots fitted into the sides to give flexible accent lighting to areas below and on the walls. Special outlet columns dropped power and IT cables down to the desktop in areas where workstations were clustered and for presentation spaces.

Showroom in London - NW10 8RW

At our West London Showroom, we can demonstrate a full range of fittings and lighting effects. Customers can judge for themselves the colour and light output of our range of High Performance LED downlights, LED track lighting bathroom light switches and dimmers are available in a variety or finishes.

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