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Wall Dimmer and Switch Packs


The Wafer button switches use one Dimmer Pack for each circuit. The circuit can be switched on and off from the same button and dimmed by holding the button down.

Our Dimmer Packs is suitable for mains and low voltage, halogen and LED.

The button dimmers are suitable for multi-way switching with other button dimmer switches.

The Dimmer Packs can only be used with Altima electronic transformers and cannot be used with mechanical transformers.

Product Selection

Wafer Remote Selva Switch Pack 10 amp - 81.1008


Altima Remote SELVA Switch Pack to operate 1- 40 watt LED Lighting - 81.1011


Altima Wafer remote SELVA Pack to DIM 14.1010 Fittings - 81.1010


Wafer LED All in One 350mA Dimmable Control Pack 15 watt Constant Current - 81.1018


Wafer LED 500 mA Dimmable Driver Constant Current 33 watt max - 81.1017


42 watt 12v LED Dimmable Driver for Wafer Button - 81.1019


Altima Track, 45watt LED 24v Dimmable Constant voltage Driver for Wafer Button - 81.1020


Wafer In Line Remote LED Multiway Switching Control Pack 100 watt - 81.1016


Altima 100-700W Power Booster for Dimmer Pack - LS.D702.57


Wafer 800 watt va Remote Dimmer Control Pack - LS.D701.57



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