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Surface brackets


A two piece set is provided for direct mounting to a ceiling, wall of shelf.

Fixing is easily achieved by attaching the fixing to the surface then securing the track with a 90< turn.

A major advantage is that the fixing can be positioned at any point along the track to pick up joists or the structural points.

Technical Data

Material: plastic
Mounting: shock absorbing

Product Selection

Altima Fixing Set & Oval End (Set of 2) Black - LV.F2E.2010.50


Altima Fixing Set & Oval End (Set of 2) White - LV.F2E.2010.57


Altima Track Set & Oval End Set of 4 White - LV.F4E.4010.57


Altima Fixing Set & Oval End Set of 4 Black - LV.F4E.4010.50



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