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Foil Track


Strong, slim and elegant with an aerofoil section.

300va electronic Transformer suitable for 3m track lengths.

Technical Data

Finish : painted/ anodised
Material : extruded aluminum
Fixings : see instruction sheet
Rating : 12v 300VA
Approvals :

Product Selection

LV Foil Track 2m Satin Silver - LV.TQ2.0010.18


LV Foil Track 2m Black - LV.TQ2.0010.50


LV Foil Track 2m White - LV.TQ2.0010.57


LV Foil Track 3m White - LV.TQ3.0010.57


LV Foil Track 3m Black - LV.TQ3.0010.50


LV Foil Track 3m Satin Silver - LV.TQ3.0010.18



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