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Twin/Triple Lana Round Cone


Twin/triple high performance downlights mounted in an oval plate, with the lamps set high, in a deep glare reducing baffle, to enable controlled directional lighting with maximum comfort.

Twin/triple high performance downlights are directionally adjustable through 360 horizontally and 40 vertically. The fitting is supplied previwed to the transformer for ease of installation.

Technical Data

Material: Aluminium/ die-cast
Cutout: 85 x177mm/85 x 275mm
LED: 11w 1000 lumen 3000 Kelvin
CRI: 80
Protection: IP23
Approvals :

Product Selection

Lana Cone Round Twin LED 2.x 1000 lumen 3000 kelvin Pre Wired Driver White - 12.4851L.57


Lana Cone RounTwin LED 2 x 1000 lumen 3000 kelvin pre Wired Driver White Fire rated - 12.4852L.57


Lana Cone Triple LED pre Wired Driver White - 12.4853L.57


Lana Cone Triple LED Fire Rated pre Wired Driver White - 12.4854L.57



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