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Downlights 1 Hour Firehood


Altima’s innovative Firehood maximizes safety precautions without compromising lamp life through overheating.

The Firehood is fashioned in a square design to allow the maximum volume around the fitting.

The cable entry openings are located on the sides rather than the top as a cable outlet on the top will become very hot due to heat rising directly from the lamp below.

Made of glasscloth with an intumescent coating, it is lightweight, easy to install, rot-proof, durable and unaffected by moisture.

Will withstand exposure to temperatures up to 240° for at least 60 minutes.

Technical Data

Material : flexible intumescent glasscloth
Approvals :
BS476 Parts 20212223 (1987)
and BS476 Part 23 Clause 5 (1987);
BS EN ISO140-3-1995;
complies with IEE 16th Edition Regs

Product Selection

1 Hour Firehood 160x160x140 - 12.FH01.00


1 Hour Firehood 200x200x200 - 12.FH03.00



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